With our two subsidiaries GEOTEST Chile SpA and TERRE Ltd, we are strategically bolstered by our presence in South America and in the soil and groundwater sectors.


Our subsidiary GEOTEST Chile SpA, based in Santiago de Chile, is specialised in natural hazard processes, glaciers and permafrost, geoinformatics, and hazard monitoring. For South American projects, GEOTEST Switzerland works closely with GEOTEST Chile SpA.

Managing Director: Lukas Rohrbach
Contact in Switzerland: Bernhard Krummenacher



Our subsidiary TERRE Ltd deals with all questions concerning soils and groundwater, including their protection and pollution. With its specific competencies in the areas of pedological construction monitoring and mapping, as well as all pedological aspects in the scope of environmental impact statements (EISs), it complements GEOTEST perfectly. With soil analyses and pollutant assessments, TERRE Ltd also strengthens our environmental competencies.

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