Groundwater & Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy and groundwater can nowadays be used in many different ways. As a result, sustainable groundwater protection is increasingly important. We provide substantiated answers to your hydrogeological and geothermal questions.

Groundwater use

The sustainable use of groundwater is becoming increasingly important, whether as drinking water, process water or water for heating and cooling. Most of Switzerland’s utility and drinking water is extracted from the subsoil, but thousands of other thermal groundwater installations are also in place, and this number is growing. At the same time, climate change and rising population density make effective protection of this fragile resource increasingly important.

Groundwater protection

Within the framework of hydrogeological studies, we investigate the use of ground and spring water with respect to various factors. This includes, for example, exploitation for drinking water production, the designation of protection zones, and the development of protection concepts. We can also provide the necessary principles of groundwater use for utility water or thermal purposes. In addition to groundwater, geothermal well systems are being used successfully for geothermal energy today. We can provide expert support for both technologies.

Management of groundwater

Questions about the proper handling of groundwater arise in almost all new construction projects. Within the scope of subsoil investigations, we carry out targeted investigative measures of the local hydrogeological conditions, devise and dimension water management and groundwater monitoring systems, plan alternative measures for the preservation of the natural groundwater flow in the case of installations in the groundwater basin, and develop concepts for handling precipitous roof and site water.

We would be pleased to take on the project planning, specialist construction management and supervision of your projects with respect to the use, protection and management of groundwater and geothermal energy. Where necessary, we supplement traditional hydrogeological investigations with new, innovative methods.

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