Business fields

As a geology and engineering office we are active in a wide range of business fields.

Sites & Buildings

Structures age, suffer damage and can be contaminated with hazardous materials. We inspect and analyse the structural fabric in order to implement the appropriate measures.

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Geology & Construction ground

In order to ensure the stability and durability of structures, the conditions of the ground must be understood. We have the necessary know-how to successfully handle even complex conditions.

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Groundwater & Geothermal energy

Ground water and geothermal energy are two very important resources for the modern world. We handle all questions and issues pertaining to these resources.

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Natural hazards

Natural processes can become hazardous. We specialise in the in-depth assessment of even the most complex process chains and risks and in the implementation of sustainable measures.

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Environment & Contamination

Human activities can result in contamination of the environment. We can help you to eliminate this problem and design construction projects in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Geoinformatics & 3D modelling

Complex spatial relationships often only become clearly understandable and interpretable through interactive 3D models and map visualisations. This is our speciality.

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Raw Materials & Landfills

We are here to support you, from searching for an appropriate site, including raw material prospection, to extraction and landfill planning, surveillance, recultivation and maintenance.

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Water & Climate

The changing climate influences the hydro- and cryosphere, as well as various natural processes. We address the relevant issues and offer customised solutions at all scales.

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