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Structures age, suffer damage and can be contaminated with hazardous materials. We help to extend their lifespan by analysing damage to structures in a targeted and, if possible, non-destructive manner and eliminating the causes with appropriate measures.

Structural preservation

In the course of their use, structures are often renovated, rebuilt, expanded or converted, and each of these activities involves unique architectural demands. Construction within an existing structure always requires, as a first step, the uncovering and understanding of the existing building structure. With the correct measures, the lifespan of a structure can be extended and its continued use secured. This is where our extensive knowledge and experience can assist you.

We examine the material in structures, localise damage and uncover its causes. With the help of the latest measurement methods we determine material properties and damage mechanisms and compare them with current standards. Based on our materials-technology analyses, repair and maintenance concepts for longer, economical, safe and standard-compliant use of the structures can be devised.

Building pollutants

Many buildings contain hazardous materials in the structural fabric. For example, asbestos should be suspected in all buildings constructed before 1990. We examine buildings thoroughly and support you in the renovation and tendering processes and in the construction phase, as well as in effectiveness testing and project finalisation.

Preservation of evidence

Before the start of any construction project, the building owner is required to provide evidence to all neighbours in accordance with SIA 118 Art. 111. For the preservation of evidence, we offer vibration measurements during construction work and fracture surveys before the start of construction.

Contact us:

  • Head office Zollikofen

    Project development

    Céline Pittet

    Dipl. Geologin


    +41 31 910 01 80


    Laurent Steidle

    Dipl. Geologe

    Co-CEO, Verwaltungsrat

    +41 31 910 01 67

    Structural maintenance

    Sebastian Kleinert

    Dipl. Geophysiker


    +41 31 910 01 46

    Measurement technology

    Felix Rüegg

    Dipl. Natw. ETH, Geophysiker


    +41 43 960 87 25

  • GEOTEST Basel

    Jonas Wenkel

    MSc Geologe

    Projektleiter, Standortleiter (Stv.)

    +41 61 205 87 53

  • GEOTEST Davos

    Thomas Bickel

    Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.)

    Projektleiter, Standortleiter (Stv.)

    +41 81 410 35 02

  • GEOTEST Givisiez

    Vincent Mina Geologe

    Projektleiter, Standortleiter (Stv.)

    +41 26 407 74 27

  • GEOTEST Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

    Christophe Gosselin

    Ing. Civil dipl., Uni Cergy-Pontoise, Dr Sc. Matériaux EPFL


    +41 21 731 09 21

  • GEOTEST Zürich

    Mario Kälin

    MSc Erdwissenschaften ETH

    Projektleiter, Bereichsleiter (Stv.)

    +41 43 960 87 34

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