Hydraulic engineering

In Switzerland, 90% of building damage caused by gravitational natural hazards is caused by floods and debris flows.

The steady expansion of our settlements and infrastructures and the expected increase in heavy precipitation as a result of climate change further heighten the risk. We devise preventive and integral intervention concepts that also take ecological aspects into account. Our hydraulic engineering projects address the bed-load balance, as well as possibilities of ecomorphological upgrading and revitalisation.

Our services include:
  • Hydrology und hydraulics
  • Watercourse revitalisation projects
  • Flood protection projects
  • Ecological longitudinal connectivity and crosslinking of water bodies
  • Widening of waterways  
  • Hydrometry
  • Bed-load balancing
  • Bed-load redevelopment

Contact us:

  • Head office Zollikofen

    Severin Schwab

    Dipl. Geograph



    +41 31 910 01 63

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