Structural preservation

With the appropriate measures implemented, the lifespan of a structure can be extended and its value secured.

In the course of their period of use, buildings are often renovated, rebuilt, extended or converted several times – each with different architectural requirements in line with the changing times. Construction in an existing building always requires the identification and understanding of the building’s structure. This is where we can help with our knowledge and experience. With the right measures, the lifespan of a building can be extended and its further use secured.

We examine the fabric of structures, localise damage and uncover its causes – non-destructively if possible. Using the latest measurement methods, we determine material properties and damage mechanisms. This provides the engineer and structural planner with an indispensable basis for making comparisons with current standards. Based on our materials technology analyses, repair and maintenance concepts can then be defined. This ensures a longer, economical, safe and standard-compliant use of the structures.

Our services include:
  • Non-destructive structural examination
    • Reinforcement localisation and tension cable localisation
    • Potential field measurements (detection of corrosion in reinforcements)
    • Structural condition mapping with impulse radar
  • Targeted, destructive structural examination 
    • Sampling and laboratory analysis
    • Structural condition analysis and appraisal according to SIA 269/2
    • Adhesive tensile tests on objects
    • Moisture measurements
  • Preservation of evidence
    • Crack monitoring


Contact us:

  • Head office Zollikofen

    Sebastian Kleinert

    Dipl. Geophysiker


    +41 31 910 01 46

  • GEOTEST Basel

    Felix Bussmann

    Dipl. Natw. ETHZ (Geologe)


    +41 61 205 87 52

  • GEOTEST Davos

    Thomas Bickel

    Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.)

    Projektleiter, Standortleiter (Stv.)

    +41 81 410 35 02

  • GEOTEST Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

    Christophe Gosselin

    Ing. Civil dipl., Uni Cergy-Pontoise, Dr Sc. Matériaux EPFL


    +41 21 731 09 21

  • GEOTEST Zürich

    Mario Kälin

    MSc Erdwissenschaften ETH

    Projektleiter, Bereichsleiter (Stv.)

    +41 43 960 87 34

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