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Hydraulic engineering

Prevention of flood damage...

Ninety per cent of the damage to structures in Switzerland due to gravitational natural hazards are caused by flooding and debris flows. With the constant expansion of our settlements and infrastructures, as well as the expected increase in heavy precipitation due to climate change, the risks are continuing to grow.

Our team of flood and debris flow experts and engineers can offer you the whole spectrum of integrated risk management measures: from emergency planning and warning concepts through event analyses, hazard assessments and reconstruction, to preventive protection concepts. We can assess the potential risks for you using state-of-the-art hydrological and hydraulic models, and develop appropriate hydraulic engineering projects in response.

… with regard to ecological aspects

We can offer you integrated solutions which also encompass the ecological aspects. Our hydraulic engineering projects take account of sediment transport as well as possible ecomorphological enhancements and revitalisations.

Severin Schwab

Thomas Scheuner