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In most geological, hydrogeological, geographical and geotechnical scenarios, measuring a variety of parameters is key to understanding the processes at work. An accurate understanding of processes can only be built on the basis of reliable data.

Measuring, monitoring and alerting

We perform measurements reliably and efficiently, and when necessary redundantly and over long periods. We can document changing environmental and/or structural conditions using efficient and modern monitoring technology. We interpret the data for you and draw the conclusions that are relevant to you. To record evidence, we install monitoring systems that send out automatic alerts if the relevant limit values are exceeded.

Subsurface and structural measurements

We measure a range of parameters, in or on structures, in the subsurface or in watercourses:

Using non-destructive testing methods we investigate what lies beneath the surface of structures and their foundations. For example, we determine the thickness of components, locate pipes and cables, and pinpoint voids and defects in concrete.

To record evidence on construction sites, we install monitoring systems for various purposes, including vibration monitoring and technical support with water pollution control.

We measure the flow behaviour of water both above and below ground and determine a range of groundwater parameters in even the most challenging of locations.

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