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Natural Hazards

Ever-present natural hazards

Settlements, roads, railway lines and other infrastructure are at risk from a variety of natural hazards, particularly in Alpine areas. As settlements expand and the climate warms, the risks are increasing constantly. Natural hazards are governed by complex dynamics and process interactions, which makes them extremely challenging to assess.

Managing hazards and risks

We specialise in assessing, analysing and quantifying natural hazards and risks using a combination of robust on-site field work and state-of-the-art models and simulations.

In crisis situations, we can provide round-the-clock advice with a focus on solution-driven, sustainable resolution. During incidents, we support transport operators, firefighters and emergency services.

Natural hazard processes are generally preceded by tiny movements, in rocks for example. Together with our associate company Geopraevent Ltd., we can provide a full range of early warning solutions.

Implementing protection measures

Whether it be protecting property from flooding or landslides, rock stabilisation, avalanche prevention or protection from debris flows, we design appropriate and pragmatic measures prioritised according to effectiveness and cost efficiency. During implementation, we can undertake construction management or support roles.

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