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Natural hazards such as rockfall, rockslide, unconfined debris flows, landslides, mud/debris flows, flooding and avalanches are all too common in Switzerland. It is important to know where the danger spots are and how to assess them correctly.

We conduct detailed analyses of the dangers to people and property in the event of mass movements and water hazards in both mountainous and populated areas.

In addition to on-site expert assessments, we use a range of topographic survey and computer-aided process simulation tools. We deploy manned and unmanned flight technology in the field (helicopters, drones) as well as modelling using 2D and 3D rockfall, debris-flow and flooding software.

Rockfall, rockslide and rock avalanches

To prevent nasty surprises from above...

… we use our expertise in rockfall, rockslide and rock avalanche management to help keep you safe. We analyse rock structures and separation planes, evaluate rockslide scenarios and model gravitational processes using cutting-edge software (Geotest+Zinggeler3D, ROFMOD, RAMMS). Our wealth of experience encompasses retrospective and prospective analyses as well as intervention and advice during crisis situations. Our team is fully trained in rope access work and is assisted by experienced mountain guides.

Landslides and slumps – controlling a creeping menace

Landslides and slumps generally involve masses of loose material or rock working their way slowly down into a valley. Over a period of years, they can cause damage to buildings and other infrastructure. 

We investigate the causes and mechanics of landslides using precise field mapping, sophisticated monitoring concepts and state-of-the-art measuring technology Based on our findings, we then design innovative, cost-effective remediation and protection measures

Unconfined debris flows – an underestimated risk

Unconfined or slope-type debris flows are sudden, fast-moving mudflows with destructive effect. Slopes predisposed to such flows need to be identified early on so that appropriate action can be taken.

We have years of experience in assessing debris-flow areas and designing measures to deal with them. We use both traditional exploration and mapping methods and robust, tried-and-tested debris-flow modelling software (SliDisp, SliDepot, RAMMS). Our wealth of experience encompasses retrospective and prospective analyses as well as intervention and advice during crisis situations.

Water hazards - we're here to help!

We can assist you with all water-related issues. We produce risk analyses and hydraulic engineering plans and have extensive experience with event analyses, hazard maps as well as risk and hazard management for all water hazard processes (flooding, overbank sedimentation, mudflow). We use a wide range of state-of-the-art modelling tools including HEC-RAS, Hydro_AS-2D, FloodArea, RAMMS, TomSed and SedFlow. We devise solutions to water-related risks, answer questions on hydraulic issues, compile property protection reports for new-build or conversion projects and perform bedload transport calculations.

Lawinen – Die weisse Gefahr

Lawinen stellen im Winter und Frühjahr nach wie vor die bedeutendste Naturgefahr dar.

Planer, Verantwortliche von Verkehrsinfrastrukturen und Touristiker wünschen immer bessere und genauere Abschätzungen und Berechnungen. Wir können Ihnen in diesem Bereich folgende Dienstleistungen anbieten:

Dr. Kaspar Graf

Daniel Tobler
Branch Contact:

Fabian Dolf

Stefan Tobler

Le Mont s. Lausanne
Sacha Gaillet