Digital property management

With GEO.Immobilien, it is easy to keep track of the condition of properties. This in-house developed web application is used regularly by GEOTEST staff and is also available for purchase under an individualised licensing system.

The GEO.Immobilien app displays registered properties on an interactive map and colour-codes buildings in need of renovation. Survey forms, notes and images used to record the condition of your buildings on site in the mobile app can later be retrieved online. Floor plans are used to record and visualise the positions of these individual records. Users with the appropriate authorisation can then edit this data at a later time, either online or in the mobile app.

The advantages of GEO.Immobilien at a glance

  • Overview: All properties are shown on one map. Their condition can be quickly recognised by the colour-coding.
  • Preparing reports: Once the data has been collected, complete reports can be generated in Microsoft Word at the touch of a button – for example, photo records or price calculations.
  • File storage (cloud): For each property, files can be uploaded and shared with other users. With the map as a guide, the properties and the associated files can be found quickly. This eliminates the need for time-consuming searches through directories. If preferred, the files can be hosted on your own server so that they can also be accessed locally.
  • Also operates offline: All plans and building information are synchronised to an iPad for the status survey of the building. The system can then function without an internet connection, e.g. in cellars. The correct building can be selected immediately via GPS. Various forms make it possible to record all information, such as text, sketches or photos, and relate it to a particular location. For example, if a user takes a sample for pollutant analysis, they simply mark the position on the floor plan and fill out the corresponding form.
  • Mobile Application: Handwritten notes can be added to all photos and plans with your finger or the Apple Pencil. This gives you the opportunity to quickly digitise information so that it is available to everyone in the office at all times.

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