For almost 60 years GEOTEST has been searching for and finding suitable solutions for both common and unusual problems in applied geology. In doing so, we constantly take on new challenges.

This is how new, creative, field-tested ideas and innovative solutions have been and continue to be developed by our company.

Why is innovation part of our philosophy? Because it makes our products and services more efficient, more accurate and simply better. This makes us not only a leading provider in applied geosciences, but also an attractive employer.

There’s a way to do it better. Find it.

Thomas A. Edison

Developed by GEOTEST…

What works well for our company often makes life easier for others as well. After we have tested our innovations thoroughly, we make them available to our customers – and develop them further according to their wishes and needs.


The digital field notebook for outdoor professionals. Designed to ensure consistent data collection.


Digital explosives management: Maintain an overview of incoming and outgoing explosives , as well as inventory.


Digital property management: Accurately track the condition of your properties - anytime and from anywhere.

Resilience Toolbox

Systematic calculation of risks from natural hazards and the cost-effectiveness of protection measures.


Modelling of rockfall processes on 2D terrain profiles to produce large-scale representations.

Natural Hazards Radar

The online analysis tool for calculating site-specific natural hazards throughout Switzerland.

GEOTEST in research

We are regularly involved in scientific research groups, together with various project partners, in order to advance scientific knowledge. Many GEOTEST employees also hold teaching positions at universities. In this way – for example by conceiving and supervising master’s and doctoral theses –new information based on the latest research flows back to us on a regular basis.


We are proud to be part of the InnoSuisse project GEOL_BIM, in order to develop the foundations for a geological BIM model. In cooperation with the other project partners, our experts contribute a great deal of knowledge and real-world examples to the project, together with great enthusiasm for digitising the sub-surface.


Together with the University of Fribourg, we are developing a software within the framework of an InnoSuisse project, which makes it possible to calculate the melting of permafrost ice underground. The calculation algorithm is calibrated using various data on energy flow, meteorological parameters and runoff.


As a partner of the University of Neuchâtel, we are participating in the Phenix research project to develop new methods for more efficient processing and analysis of geological data. In particular, we are contributing our experience with the local geological and hydrogeological conditions.

Innovative projects

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