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Preliminary study for the “Cargo sous terrain” project

Swiss innovation in logistics
Switzerland 2010 - present

Cargo sous terrain (CST) is a Swiss pioneer project which will transport goods underground from the Härkingen-Niderbipp region to Zurich from 2031 onwards – in a particularly resource-saving manner. GEOTEST Ltd is a collaborator in the preliminary study for this innovative project.

Cargo sous terrain is a comprehensive logistics system for the flexible transport of small goods. The aim is to establish underground links between production and logistics sites and urban centres. The first section of the Cargo sous terrain network is around 70 kilometres long and runs from Härkingen-Niederbipp to Zurich. By 2045, a 500-kilometer network is to be created between Lake Constance and Lake Geneva, with offshoots to Basel, Lucerne and Thun. CST will therefore make a crucial contribution to reducing traffic and noise emissions. The electricity for the operation of the system comes entirely from renewable energy sources.

In 2013, the association Cargo sous terrain commissioned an initial feasibility study, with the aim of investigating the economic, technical and legal feasibility of this project.

GEOTEST was involved in the construction subproject, which focused on the analysis of different route variants and technical solutions. A total of seven route variants were investigated, for which GEOTEST determined the construction ground conditions – with the help of a geological 3D model and other tools. In this way, profile sections over a length of 60 km were defined.

Since 2020, GEOTEST has been involved in the preliminary study in the subproject “Building Permit & Construction”. Specifically, GEOTEST has been preparing the necessary studies on the environment and protected goods, specifying the underground boundary conditions for the tunnel route of section 1, collaborating in the elaboration of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and conducting the pre-evaluation of disposal sites.

The planned Cargo sous terrain network. The first section from Härkingen-Niederbipp to Zurich is shown in orange.

A sophisticated logistics system connects the various hubs underground.

This system is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared with today’s transport by truck.

Contact persons

Valentin Raemy

MSc Environmental Science


+41 31 910 01 83

Jenny FlĂĽck

MSc Geographie


+41 31 910 01 52

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