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Expansion of the Jakobsberg-Egg quarry

Veltheim & Auenstein
Veltheim & Auenstein AG 2012 - present

To secure the raw material supply for cement production in the factories of Jura Cement Ltd in Wildegg, GEOTEST Ltd has laid the technical foundations for the site evaluation, development plan adjustment, partial utilisation plan, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and construction project. In addition, it is responsible for overall project management in all phases of the project.

In 2012, GEOTEST, together with its associate company ilu Ltd, carried out a comprehensive site evaluation for securing the raw material supply of the Jura Cement Ltd cement plant in Wildegg. Based on this evaluation, the expansion of the Jakobsberg-Egg quarry in Auenstein/Veltheim was included in the cantonal development plan.

The subsequent planning process for the partial use and expansion of the Jakobsberg-Egg quarry has been taking place in a politically challenging environment. The various demands of the municipalities, residents and cantonal authorities must be met, and the client must be advised on procedures and key issues. Within the framework of the overall project management, GEOTEST is responsible for the coordination of all related work in terms of both content and scheduling.

A geological 3D model developed by GEOTEST is used by Jura Cement Ltd to plan the supply of various types of raw materials to the cement factory.

The model also serves as a basis for detailed excavation and operational planning within the project and is used for public communication.

For the technical report and the environmental impact assessment (EIA), GEOTEST evaluated and interpreted Jura Cement’s own long-term karst water surveillance, marking tests and drilling. By means of a numerical 3D groundwater flow model, the hydrogeological feasibility of extracting the raw materials below the existing deep mining extraction level could be determined. GEOTEST also made volume calculations for the drainage, carried out geotechnical investigations for the slope and dam stability, and prepared the excavation and backfilling concept, as well as the groundwater monitoring concept. Pedological construction supervision and development of the soil protection concept are provided by Terre Ltd.

The infill material is delivered via the existing rail connection and is transported from the unloading point to the quarry using conveyor belts.

Visit to the quarry by the interdisciplinary project team: thanks to the valuable exchange on site, the project could be planned according to the specific situation.

The planning of the excavation, infilling and final design requires the coordination of numerous interests – development, visual and noise protection, fauna, flora, air hygiene and much more.

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