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Explosives accounting and avalanche management

Zermatt and elsewhere 2015 - present

The software ExploSKI, developed by GEOTEST Ltd, helps mountain cableway companies to manage explosives in accordance with federal explosives regulations. ExploSKI can also be extended with customised modules – such as the avalanche module developed for Zermatt Bergbahnen Ltd.

Since 2015, explosives users in Switzerland have been required to provide information on the traceability of explosives on demand. According to explosives regulations, incoming, outgoing and stockpiled explosives must be recorded. A list of daily modifications and a monthly statement must be made available when required.

With the ExploSKI software developed by GEOTEST, the detonation task, explosives movements and detonation log can be recorded on a mobile tablet. Explosives are booked in and out using the manufacturer’s barcode, which can be scanned using the tablet. The data is subsequently stored in a decentralised database. In this way, it is possible to maintain an overview of the incoming and outgoing explosives and the inventory in the company’s stores.

In the event of inspections by the federal authorities, all the necessary data can be retrieved at the push of a button.

Zermatt Bergbahnen Ltd has been using this solution for many years. In 2019, additional customised solutions for both explosives accounting and detonation logs were implemented according to the company’s specific needs. It is now also possible to map the boundaries of avalanches online. Using information from past events, the quantity of explosives required to secure the ski slopes under similar conditions can be optimised.

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