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Geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical construction supervision

The Circle, Zurich Airport
Kloten ZH 2012 - 2018

In “The Circle” project, an impressive service centre is being built at Zurich Airport. GEOTEST Ltd has been responsible for geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical construction supervision.

The service centre “The Circle”, with more than 180,000 m² of usable area, will be built on the Zurich Airport site by autumn 2020. The difficult geological constraints, the limited space available, the existing underlying SBB tunnel, and the interfaces to other infrastructures have posed major challenges for all those involved in this multi-billion-euro project.

GEOTEST Zurich organised, managed and supervised the hydrogeological and geological-geotechnical investigations during the project planning phase on behalf of Zurich Airport Ltd.

It also supervised the static and dynamic pile tests from a geological perspective. On behalf of HRS Real Estate Ltd, GEOTEST was responsible for geological / hydrological and geotechnical consulting in the construction phase, during which the pile and excavation work in particular required intensive support. Furthermore, GEOTEST evaluated the current state of knowledge from the construction supervision, and was thus, in cooperation with the general contractor and the engineers, able to ensure optimisation of the execution.

Tensioning the strand anchors on the bored pile wall.

Structural engineering work during the construction of the 2nd floor slab.

Dynamic pile tests on the bored pile.

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