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Geological project management V-Bahn

Grindelwald BE 2012 - present

The construction of the new V-Bahn in Grindelwald is a pioneering project in many respects. GEOTEST Ltd was the project leader for all geological services and has supervised the various structures from project planning to execution.

The new alpine infrastructure facilities of Jungfrau Railways include a 3S cableway and a mountain station (EigerExpress) with two connecting tunnels to the Eiger-glacier station at 2,320 m above sea level, as well as a terminal and underground car park on the valley floor.

The complex geological conditions in the project area had to be studied, continuously assessed and technically managed. In particular, a large-scale permanent landslide and a lithological contact zone with soft clay shale and hard high-alpine limestone presented a considerable challenge.

GEOTEST was able to apply its wide-ranging expertise in this future-oriented project: from projections for rock removal, to geological-geotechnical construction supervision and deformation modelling of the excavation pit, to contamination investigations, all aspects of the subsurface have been examined. All project and monitoring steps were recorded and evaluated with the FeldApp mobile app developed by GEOTEST.

The high-alpine construction site is also at risk from rockfall, avalanches and glacial erosion. For this reason, protective structures and complex surveillance and alarm systems were designed and installed.

Foundation of the new Eiger-glacier station. Several thousand cubic metres of rock were excavated here prior to construction.

Access tunnels and caverns between  the new facilities in the mountains.

Rock stabilisation in the area of the new EigerExpress mountain station.

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