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Natural Hazards Radar

Zurich Insurance Company
Switzerland 2014 - 2019

The natural hazards radar provides site-specific information on all relevant natural hazards for any site throughout Switzerland. GEOTEST Ltd devised the project idea in cooperation with Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, acted as project manager, oversaw the entire technical implementation, and contributed its expertise in natural hazards and risk analysis.

Wouldn't it be helpful to be able to easily analyse online which natural hazards your property is exposed to and how you can protect yourself against them? This is exactly the idea that GEOTEST has pursued in cooperation with Zurich Insurance. The result is the Zurich Natural Hazards Radar.

The online analysis tool provides information and prevention tips on all aspects of natural hazards in Switzerland and is geared primarily at homeowners and SMEs. By entering a Swiss address, the tool immediately shows which natural hazards are to be expected at this place of residence or work, queries corresponding building weaknesses, and indicates possible ways to protect against them.

The first version of the tool, released in 2015, already provided information on natural hazards such as floods, debris flows, avalanches, landslides, hillslope debris flows and rockfall. The second version, released in 2018, was extended to include surface runoff, hail, storms, earthquakes and radon. The hazard principles used for the evaluation are continuously checked and updated by GEOTEST.

In addition to contributing in project development and overall project management, GEOTEST was able to draw on its many years of experience in the fields of natural hazards, property protection, risk analysis, geoinformatics and programming of web services in this innovative project.

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