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Protection measure management and rockface monitoring

Tempi Valley, Greece
Griechenland 2009 - present

Following a rockfall with fatal consequences in December 2009, GEOTEST Ltd was commissioned by Aegean Motorways SA and the Greek government to assess the natural risks in the Tempi valley. Since then it has been responsible for the inspection of rockfaces and protective structures on this and other sections of the Greek national road network.

The 7-km-long Tempi gorge directly south of Mount Olympus has always been a bottleneck in the important traffic link between northern and southern Greece, and between the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Since the completion of the corresponding section of motorway in 2017, the gorge has been bypassed by three tunnels. Previously, over 20,000 vehicles passed through the gorge between Thessaloniki and Athens each day.

After the rockfall of December 2009, in which the chief engineer of the motorway construction site tragically died, GEOTEST investigated the causes of the event within the scope of technical expertise.

GEOTEST’s geologists worked out a concept on site for immediate measures to secure and restore the crash site. This enabled the buried road to be cleared and the overall securing of the gorge to be initiated.

To this day, twice each year a team of GEOTEST geologists and local alpinists inspect the up to 300-metre-tall marble rock towers and the extensive protective structures built to secure the road. In this way, dangers can be detected at an early stage and measures to protect road users can be taken promptly.

Rockfall in january 2010.

Inspection of the fracture area.

Securing of the fracture area.

Publications on the project

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MSc Environmental Science


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