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Revitalisation of the LĂĽssel river

Breitenbach SO 2016 - 2018

GEOTEST Ltd played a decisive role in the planning and construction management of the ecological improvement of the canalised LĂĽssel river.

As part of the construction and redevelopment work in the northern part of the VonRoll site in Breitenbach (Isola-Werke), the canalised channel of the LĂĽssel river was to be revitalised and made accessible to the public as a local recreation area.

GEOTEST provided a hydraulic expert opinion on the bank design proposed for the project, calculated the bedload transport and flood protection levels, and worked out ecological enhancement measures for the LĂĽssel riverbed. During the implementation phase, GEOTEST was responsible for construction management. For the revitalisation project, stone staircases, riverbed structures, gravel banks and biological engineering measures were used. The flow dynamics and structural diversity achieved with the revitalisation led to a significant improvement of the ecological function of the water body.

The revitalisation was connected to the realisation of a new residential development (built for LĂĽssel Immobilien) on a former industrial site along the LĂĽssel river, which was partly registered in the cadastre of polluted sites. For this construction project, GEOTEST was responsible for the specialised construction management of pollutant and contaminant remediation and for the geotechnical investigation of the construction ground. In addition, GEOTEST successfully devised a solution for groundwater utilisation for the heating and cooling of the development. This included groundwater modelling and the installation of a large well.

Through its interdisciplinary work, GEOTEST was able to offer a complete solution from a single provider and make a major contribution to the successful project.

The LĂĽssel river before...

...and after the revitalisation.

Fauna and flora are already considerably more diverse.

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