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Soil improvement Hinder Trottgatter

Erlenbach on lake ZĂĽrich
Erlenbach ZH 2018 - present

To improve the suitability of land for agricultural use and to compensate for the loss of crop rotation area caused by the construction of a barn, the terrain in Erlenbach needs to be modified. GEOTEST Ltd has been responsible for all pedological aspects.

The construction of a new barn in Erlenbach has resulted in the accumulation of large quantities of topsoil and subsoil material and the loss of crop rotation areas. On the neighbouring plot of land, agricultural activities have so far been severely restricted because of soil wetness, caused by slope water, and thin soil. The soil material resulting from the new construction can help to remedy this situation.

The aim of the terrain modification is to increase the soil depth and the depth of the water table by laying subsoil material over the entire area. This is expected to create around 12,000 m² of new crop rotation area with usability class 5.

As a result, the loss of crop rotation area from the adjacent new barn construction will be compensated and an additional 8,000 m² of crop rotation land will be created.

GEOTEST ZĂĽrich determined the initial condition of the soil through probing methods and elaborated the detailed soil project, including the specifications for soil removal and recultivation for the building permit application. To ensure that the defined recultivation goal is achieved, GEOTEST ZĂĽrich is supporting the contractor in an advisory capacity during the construction phase and providing pedological construction supervision to see that the soil is handled appropriately. 

Inspection of the depths of topsoil and subsoil removed.

The topsoil and subsoil material is backfilled in strips using a crawler excavator.

The recultivated area is sown with a lucerne/clover recultivation mixture.

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