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UTL-3 Temperature Datalogger

UTL-3 Scientific Datalogger es un poderoso registrador de datos en miniatura para la medición y el registro profesional de temperatura. Es la mejor opción para medir las temperaturas de permafrost, hielo, aire, agua y suelo en ambientes desafiantes.

Fue desarrollado con el conocimiento experto de GEOTEST y el Instituto Suizo de Nieve y Avalanchas (SLF) y es uno de los registradores de datos de temperatura más fiables y sólidos en el mercado. El registrador de datos UTL-3 y los modelos anteriores UTL-1 y UTL-2,  han sido empleados miles de veces para mediciones en ambientes fríos tales como hielo, glaciares, glaciares de roca y  suelos de permafrost para mediciones de temperatura de agua y aire.

Technical data

Temperature range-30° to +40 °C
Accuracy0.1 °C at +/- 20 °C, 0.2 °C at +/- 40 °C
Data resolution< 0.1° C
ThermistorYSI 44005 (typical thermometric drift for 0 °C < 0.01 °C in 100 months)
Number of data points65’000
Battery life3-5 years
Battery changeDo-it yourself
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Diameter of case32 mm
Case materialAluminium / Delrin, waterproof and highly resistant
SoftwareUTL Manager (for free, copyright GEOTEST)

Products and prices

UTL-3 Scientific DataloggerStandard Version, incl. battery and softwareCHF 315.00
UTL-3 Scientific Datalogger1With 2.0 m external thermistor, incl. battery and softwareCHF 399.00
Connection flex for UTL-3USB 2.0CHF 29.00
Backup battery for UTL-32Lithium 3.6 VCHF 24.90
Keyspan USB Adapter for UTL-1/2USB to RS-232CHF 89.00
Connection flex for UTL-1/2RS-232CHF 49.00


Prices excl. VAT. For universities/research institutes there is a reduction of CHF 20.00 on each logger. Please ask us for quantity discount or an offer in CHF or EURO.

Questions and Order: UTL_Datalogger@geotest.ch

General Terms and Conditions

1 Due to problems during production of the thermistors in the factory, delivery delay of several weeks may occur for UTL-3 with external thermistor. Please contact us for further information.

2 Due to new regulations in international transport services we are not able anymore to deliver lithium batteries by airplane. Transportation on the road or by ship is still possible but with corresponding delivery times. Please contact us for more information about delivery time. UTL-3 dataloggers with installed lithium battery inside are not affected by this regulation.

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