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Does your project require specific solutions not provided by commercial software packages? We will gladly take on the challenge of developing the right software for you. We will show you the range of possibilities offered by a customised solution, whether it be a database, web service or mobile application.

Not only that, but we will also ensure that you can retrieve the relevant data quickly and easily in a way that suits you – via an app on your smartphone, for example.

We 'understand' environmental data

Within our geoinformatics group alone, we have many years’ worth of alpine field experience in manual and automated data gathering as well as natural process modelling. This means that in addition to our abilities as programmers, we understand many of the requirements of our users and the processes behind the data.

Web, Mobile, Desktop

Make your data available where you want it. We are able to build data handling applications for a wide variety of platforms, as well as the technologies to allow these platforms to share data with the 3rd parties of your choice. 

Exploski Desktop App
Exploski Desktop App
Jinsha River Basin Web-App
Jinsha River Basin Web-App
FeldApp Mobile App
FeldApp Mobile App

Data entry

Our data driven solutions for mobile and web platforms, use the latest tools for optimising data entry and data georeferencing. An example of such a georeferenced data entry platform is the natural hazards event registration platform, built for the Jinsha River Basin, China.

Data processing and visualisation

Geoinformatics has spatial data at its heart. Our core business lies in finding and visualising the spatial and temporal relationships of data. The Geoinformatics group are able to provide processing systems according to the user and data requirements, and are able to make the processing system local, web-based, or mobile. One such processing system lies behind the Zurich insurance 'natural hazards radar'. This popular platform, relies on a geospatial processing tool, developed and maintained by GEOTEST.

Social solutions

At GEOTEST, we have developed a ratings system, designed to more effectively take account of someone’s expertise on the subject of the rating. This has been most effective in social platforms, where both the public and experts can share information. The ratings system ensures that the most relevant information is shown according to a user’s requirements. An example of these social platforms is the EFI risk platform prototype.

Task management

We can build task management software according to the customer requirements. A basic task management solution is available off the shelf, with minimal customisation costs. This solution may then be extended with any further features required.




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Digital explosive management


FeldApp (Mobile GIS) 

Spatial data acquisition