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Digital Explosive Management Tool - ExploSKI

Since 2015, users of explosives in Switzerland must be able to deliver detailed inventories on demand. According to the explosives Act, the operator must be able to provide daily records as well as a monthly summary of incoming and outgoing transactions and storage volumes.

Withdrawal/Return of explosives

ExploSKI is a tablet-based inventory system for recording requests and results of controlled explosions, as well as the corresponding outgoing/incoming transactions of explosives. The data may be synchronised with a decentralised database, from where both individual records and summaries can be requested at any time, either from another tablet, or from the desktop tool.

ExploSKI consists of 2 modules: ExploSKI.mobile (the iPhone/iPad app - right) and ExploSKI.desktop (the Windows tool - below).

Detonation Mandate

After synchronisation with the database, all data are available offline on the tablet. To begin the workflow of explosives management, the responsible person must define a new mandate.

Explosives cases can be entered or searched quickly using a barcode reader

Withdrawal/Return of Explosives

Explosives are assigned to a depot by reading the barcode with the tablet camera. After the blast has been carried out, both the successfully detonated and the returned explosives may be recorded.

Detonation Control

Detonation success and meteo/snow parameters are recorded for every attempted detonation.

Management and overview of explosives cases

Explosive Cases

Volumes of explosives in each case are updated according to withdrawal/returns records. These cases of explosives can be monitored on both desktop and mobile apps, so that all team members remain up-to-date on which explosives are available where.

Desktop App


Overview of the available explosive volumes and the usage are available in the desktop tool.




Christoph Suter

Nicholas Dawes



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