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Locate and capture data efficiently and ensure consistency across your organization.

The process of translating field notes into digital report can be long, laborious and inefficient. The FeldApp system optimizes the process of recording data from the field, whilst also ensuring professional consistency of both data and reports.

We work with our customers, to define customized form templates, around which structured field-data can be gathered. We also have pre-defined solutions for gathering data on many types of natural processes.

Our mobile-GIS app may be used to gather data using these forms. This provides a solution for many personnel to gather structured data simultaneously in the field. The data is then synchronized to a database (hosted or customer-based), and viewed and edited within our WebGIS.

If the customer can define a report template around the data to be collected (pre-defined solutions available for many types of natural processes), this can be used to provide a report at the touch of a button.

The FeldApp solution is an integral part of our workflow within GEOTEST, ensuring professionalism and consistency throughout our products and even allowing our customers to gather their own data for our analysis. The system can also be used to provide monitoring and data sharing solutions for customer-use. Some example scenarios are provided below:

Monitoring of protection measures

Assessments of the operational state of natural hazards protection measures can be made from the field and immediately communicated to the natural hazards manager. Using colour-coded map objects, the measures requiring repairs can quickly be located, and their urgency classified. Objects which are located in steep terrain, and cannot be easily identified from a map interface are further located using imagery or plans.

Hazard mapping

Location-based records taken in the field have assisted our hazard mapping team in their assessments, whilst pre-prepared, location-based data, e.g. land occupancy maps and data, can be supplemented within the field for potential damage assessment calculations.

Borehole data collection

Standardised terms have been used to provide a form for the collection of borehole information. The data gathered in the field are directly accessed by our draughtsmen for drawing-up the borehole profile.

Tunnel assessments

Assessments and images of repairs required in tunnels are mapped onto tunnel plans or scans for each section of the tunnel. This eliminates excessive reams of paper plans, and makes tunnel assessments much more efficient. A standardized assessment report can be produced at the touch of a button, and the system can further be used in tracking the status of planned repairs.

Building assessments

FeldApp provides the basis for our building assessment system, ‘GeoImmobilien'. This system allows GEOTEST to locate cores taken in building assessments on an associated floor-plan, and provide a standardized report on hazardous materials found in these cores. The map interface of the system allows a property management company a complete overview of their portfolio.

Monitoring of machinery

The combination of the FeldApp map interface and floor-plans for buildings allows us to keep track of machinery and the device's repair status, including the last service. FeldApp can show which machines require repairs and when the service interval of a specific machine is about to expire.






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