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Risk concept Switzerland hazard analysis, risk evaluation and protection measures


The second world landslide forum, Rome 2011 (WLFF2-2011-0287), C. Margottini et al. (eds), Landslide Science an Practis, Vol.7, DOI 10 1007/978-3-642-31313-4_2, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013

Abstract The results of the hazard mapping system in Switzerland are visualized by three colours (red, blue and yellow) which indicate the general degree of danger (PLANAT, 2003). The narrative description of the three colours considers the degree by which people and assets of considerable material value are endangered. The hazard map is a primary management tool for land-use planning and regulation for settlement developments. For all other infrastructures (roads, lifelines) the risk map is the appropriate instrument to illustrate damage potential. The risk map is the basis for chronological and financial prioritisation of protection measures. It is the most appropriate tool for decision making about structural and non-structural measures. Based on the calculated risks, the cost effectiveness of protection measures can be evaluated. Switzerland developed the online-tool “EconoMe” to calculate the natural risks and cost-effectiveness of different protection measures (BAFU, 2008). Today it is essential to invest funds with the most possible cost - efficiency. Risk based decisions are therefore required.