Digital explosives management

ExploSKI enables the user to easily record detonation assignments, explosives movements and detonation conditions on a mobile tablet. The data is then synchronised with a decentralised database so that it can be queried at any time and from anywhere.

Why is this app developed by GEOTEST so valuable? Since 2015, explosives operators in Switzerland have been required to provide complete documentation on the traceability of explosives when required by the authorities. According to explosives regulations, incoming, outgoing and stockpiled explosives must all be recorded. This documentation must also include a register of daily modifications and monthly statements.

ExploSKI consists of the modules ExploSKI.mobile (iPad/iPhone App) and ExploSKI.desktop (Windows application). It can be purchased from us under an individualised licensing system.

The advantages of ExploSKI at a glance

  • Detonation assignment: After synchronisation with the database, a catalogue of the available explosives is available offline on the tablet. The detonation team leader can then define a new detonation assignment.
  • Explosives movement: At the depot, barcodes on the explosives can be scanned using the tablet camera to book them out.  After the assignment, the detonated or returned explosives are recorded.
  • Detonation log: The detonation success, as well as meteorological and snow parameters, can be recorded for each detonation attempt.
  • Explosives cases: The quantities of explosives stored in the cases in the depots are continuously updated according to consumption. The status of the explosives cases can be managed via either the desktop software or the mobile tablet, so that all team members know which explosives are present in the depots at all times.
  • Overview: The current catalogue of the explosives available in the ski area can also be viewed in the desktop application.


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