Modelling of rockfall processes

In order to plan effective protection measures, rockfall processes must first be calculated as precisely as possible. In a continuous learning process, we have been developing rockfall models since the early 1990s. The result is our software ROFMOD.

The rockfall modelling software ROFMOD was developed by GEOTEST about 30 years ago as the first of its kind. Our decades of experience with rockfall processes make the current version of ROFMOD a precise tool for planning protection measures against rockfall processes.


Application and strengths

ROFMOD is used to model rockfall processes over large areas in 3D overview representations (>100 km²) and detailed in 2D terrain profiles. The modelling approach is characterised by easily definable, intuitive model parameters (surface roughness, damping effect of the subsoil) and a very realistic modelling of the effects of forests.

The software performs calculations according to a deterministic modelling approach. This means that the decisive model parameters (block axes, subsoil, terrain surface, fracture zone, etc.) are defined by the user and are not varied. This guarantees easy control and interpretation of the results.

2D modelling: ROFMOD is available for you too!

We not only use ROFMOD as a calculation model for our own projects, but also make the software available to third parties. The original version (GEOTEST-Zinggeler) is now equipped with a modern user interface and provides very efficient and high quality rockfall modelling.

The better the models, the easier the planning

For the current version 5, the functionality has been expanded considerably and the user interface has been completely revised.

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New features of version 5

  • Scenario Manager: Different scenarios can now be defined and modelled in parallel in one project. The Scenario Manager makes it possible to manage the different settings of the model parameters and thus offers an efficient analysis of the modelling results.
  • Protection measures module: With the protection measures module, the effects of a falling block on a protection dam or safety net can be simulated. The results of the simulation provide the basis for the selection and dimensioning of the most suitable protection measure.
  • Protection dam: The novel protection dam simulation – unique worldwide – is based on a newly developed rheological approach. This approach was compared with the commonly applied static equivalent force method and calibrated on the basis of documented field tests.

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