Natural hazards

Rockfall, landslides, debris flows, floods, avalanches and other natural processes can become hazardous. We specialise in understanding the dynamics of these processes, thoroughly assessing the risks, and identifying and planning sustainable solutions.

In alpine regions in particular, natural processes can become hazardous to settlements, as well as railways, roads and other infrastructures. In order to estimate the risks correctly, the many interactions between processes and the combined process chains must be recognised and analysed. Sixty years of experience with natural hazards, a trained eye in field assessment, and in-depth know-how in protection measure planning help us in this work, as do the latest technologies – including drones, mobile field applications, and sophisticated modelling methods (for fall processes, debris flows, floods and avalanches).

We can assess the hazards posed by:

  • rockfall / rockslides
  • landslides / hillslope debris flows
  • debris flows / flooding / overbank sedimentation
  • avalanches / sliding snow

Hazard assessments, risk analyses & planning of protection measures

To prevent natural processes from becoming hazardous in the first place, we must keep out of their way. Our hazard maps serve as a basis for avoiding natural process areas by means of spatial planning measures. Where avoidance is not possible, we use risk analyses to identify existing protection deficits. In order to eliminate these deficiencies, we plan solution-oriented measures – always with the right balance between the required accuracy and the necessary pragmatism, prioritised according to effectiveness and cost efficiency. The measures we help to implement range from the protection of individual buildings to complete solutions for entire settlements, road and railway sections, or valleys. To ensure the smooth implementation of protection measures, in addition to planning and consulting for these measures we play a key role in the realisation phase by assuming responsibility for site management, specialist construction management and construction supervision.

In crisis situations and cases involving incidents, we are available to our customers around the clock for advice and support.

Contact us:

  • Head office Zollikofen

    Engineering geology / Mass movements

    Kaspar Graf

    Dr. phil. nat., Geologe

    Experte, Verwaltungsrat

    +41 31 910 01 23

    Water hazards & Flood protection

    Severin Schwab

    Dipl. Geograph


    +41 31 910 01 63

    Measurement technology / Geophysics

    Felix Rüegg

    Dipl. Natw. ETH, Geophysiker


    +41 43 960 87 25

  • GEOTEST Basel

    Felix Bussmann

    Dipl. Natw. ETHZ (Geologe)


    +41 61 205 87 52

  • GEOTEST Davos

    Thomas Bickel

    Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.)

    Projektleiter, Standortleiter (Stv.)

    +41 81 410 35 02

  • GEOTEST Givisiez

    Nina Backman

    Dipl. Geologin


    +41 26 407 74 22

  • GEOTEST Horw

    Markus Liniger

    Dr. Sc. Nat., Geologe

    Verwaltungsratspräsident, Standortleiter

    +41 41 349 24 55

  • GEOTEST Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

    Sacha Gaillet Geosciences

    Projektleiter, Standortleiter (Stv.)

    +41 21 731 09 29

  • GEOTEST Zürich

    Ulrich Jörin

    Dr. phil. nat., Geologe


    +41 43 960 87 28

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