Resilience Toolbox

Risk analysis and cost effectiveness of protection measures

The frequency of disasters caused by natural hazards has increased worldwide in recent years. This is due both to the effects of climate change and to the increasing population density in high-risk areas.

Appropriate protection measures can prevent or reduce the effects of dangerous incidents and thus help to avoid disasters. In order to employ resources where they are most effective, risk-based planning is of utmost importance. Furthermore, the cost-benefit analysis of protection measures supports coherent and systematic decision making.

Experience in Switzerland…

In Switzerland, “EconoMe” – the tool stipulated by the federal government for calculating the cost-effectiveness of protection measures against natural hazards – is used for this purpose. GEOTEST has co-developed this tool since 2005.

…adapted for other countries

In 2017, GEOTEST developed a WebGIS application based on EconoMe to calculate the risk of natural hazards in Bolivia and the cost-effectiveness of protection measures. Since 2018 the toolbox has been used by the Bolivian authorities.

More information about the project

Resilience Toolbox can easily be adapted to other contexts and used in other regions. You can contact us for more information without obligation.

The advantages of Resilience Toolbox at a glance

  • Objective risk assessment: Resilience Toolbox facilitates the assessment of the disaster risks arising from various natural hazards and evaluates the cost-effectiveness of disaster-risk-reduction measures in a quantitative and standardised manner.
  • Inclusion of comprehensive criteria: Using a WebGIS (web-based geographical information system) with a user-friendly interface, Resilience Toolbox combines hazard information (intensity and recurrence) with criteria concerning resilience and resistance. It considers both structural and non-structural measures and calculates the risks of direct and indirect effects of disasters – including the risks of infrastructure damage, mortality and economic losses.
  • Without software, without previous knowledge: Resilience Toolbox is geared towards professionals and authorities responsible for planning and financing disaster risk reduction measures. No knowledge of geographical information systems or specific software is required to use the toolbox.

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