The digital field notebook

In order to record data in the field in an efficient and georeferenced manner, we have developed FeldApp. With this tool, we ensure not only uniform data acquisition, but also automated data output – in the form of tables, reports and Excel lists.

In our own projects, we use FeldApp for a wide variety of topics and activities – from the acquisition of inclinometer measurements to the mapping of natural hazard protection structures and tunnel assessments. Reports are generated at the push of a button: this saves us time and our clients costs. The FeldApp solution also lets our clients collect their own data for use in our analyses.

You can use FeldApp too:

FeldApp can be purchased from us under an individualised licensing system. Get in touch with us!

Possible applications of FeldApp

  • Monitoring of protection measures: Thanks to FeldApp, the operational status of natural hazards protection measures can be immediately communicated on site to the person responsible for natural hazards. Using colour-coded map objects, the measures requiring repair can be quickly located and their urgency classified. Objects that are located in steep terrain and not easily identifiable from a map are recorded and assessed more precisely with the help of the user’s own photos or plans.
  • Hazard mapping: Site-based records made in the field have successfully supported our hazard mapping team in the assessment process by enabling site-related data prepared in advance, such as maps and data on land use, to be amended and augmented on site for use in damage-potential calculations.
  • Borehole data acquisition: A form with standardised terms facilitates the acquisition of borehole information on site. Back in the office, the collected data is used by our technical drawing experts to create borehole profiles.
  • Tunnel assessments: Repairs occurring in tunnels are mapped on tunnel plans or scans for each section of the tunnel. This helps to avoid unmanageable quantities of paper plans and makes tunnel assessments much more efficient. A standardised assessment report is then generated at the push of a button. The system can additionally be used to track the status of planned repairs.
  • Management of machines: The combination of the FeldApp map interface and building floor plans lets us keep track of machines and their repair status including maintenance records. FeldApp also shows which machines are in need of repair and when the service interval of a particular machine expires.
  • Building checks: FeldApp is the foundation of our building check system GEO.Immobilien. This system makes it possible, for instance, to map out where sample cores have been made during a building check on an associated floor plan and to generate a standardised report on the hazardous substances found in these cores. The system’s map interface provides the property management company with a complete overview of its portfolio.

FeldApp - briefly explained

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Christoph Suter

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Best of Swiss Web Award 2020

FeldApp was awarded silver in the category “Productivity”.

The advantages of FeldApp at a glance

  • Data can be efficiently localised and recorded – even by several employees simultaneously.
  • The collected data can then be synchronised with a database (hosted by GEOTEST  or customer-based) and displayed and edited using our WebGIS solution.
  • The conversion of field notes into digital reports is fast and easy.
  • Pre-defined forms and report templates ensure professional consistency and uniformity throughout your company.
  • The system can also be used to provide monitoring and data exchange solutions for customers.

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